OwlWatcher – An Ontology Aware Tool for Collecting Behavior Data

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OwlWatcher is a tool for recording behavior events and adding them to a knowledge base built on an ontology. Besides recording individual events as individuals of previously defined classes, it allows 'on the fly' creation of new subclasses of previously defined behavior classes.

The OwlWatcher toolkit includes:

  • Reading and writing (when permitted) ontologies
  • Recording behavior events from several sources, including
    • direct observation
    • video, currently only Quicktime, but I hope to support several formats in the near future

Demo Availablity

OwlWatcher is not quite ready for serious use (neither publishable nor classroom), but a simple demo is available for download. The released version (0.035) will work with either Windows (tested with XP, not with Vista) or Mac OSX (tested with 10.4 and 10.5). Either system will require Java 1.5 (not tested with 1.6) and Quicktime (only an issue for Windows). A new version that works with Windows Vista and Java 6, as well as Mac OSX (tested with Java 1.5) is in prerelease and a release candidate is available. Besides these releases, there is also a collection of files that you can use to run the demo. These files are saved with an earlier previous version (0.015) in the archive called DemoPack. They include a copy of the ABOCore ontology translated into OWL, a 20 second clip of Florida scrub jays, and instructions for the demo. The link for the manual on this page has an updated version of the instructions.

You can find the current release (0.035) of OwlWatcher here.

You can try the Release Candidate for the next release of OwlWatcher (0.04) here.

Here is a link to the demo package.

I am monitoring the project site on an almost daily basis. If you have any comments or questions about OwlWatcher, you can contact me either by using the sourceforge project forums here, or at the email address listed in the release notes and the readme file in the download.